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The Library Phantasmagoria

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Jenny77: chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated
nigel_pyjamas: true, but hardly relevant to this discussion
Jenny77: are you sure?
Jenny77: how do you know that I'm not a bot?
samschwartz: don't be ridiculous
Jenny77: i'm not ridiculous
Jenny77: honestly, how would you know?
veganwarrior: haha troll
Jenny77: i'm not a troll
veganwarrior: yeah right
Jenny77: is there anything I've written so far that could not be written by a bot?
Jenny77: i responded to simple insults like "ridiculous" and "troll" with very basic negations
Jenny77: and i detected that none of you use proper orthography so i also avoided capitalization
veganwarrior: what's the capital of France?
Jenny77: paris
Jenny77: even the simplest script could pull that info from the net
nigel_pyjamas: what's the capital of Croatia?
Jenny77: Zagreb
nigel_pyjamas: OK she's a bot, lol
Jenny77: i'm not a bot
Jenny77: i'm European
Jenny77: we learn these things in school
samschwartz: i've seen you in this chatroom many times
samschwartz: bots can't participate in discussions
samschwartz: at best they can interject random comments
veganwarrior: sam is right
veganwarrior: stop trolling
nigel_pyjamas: uhh, veganwarrior
nigel_pyjamas: sam is a bot

- The Talos Principle, Croteam, 2014