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Obligatory Disclaimer

All information on this website is posted without guarantee. I do not write for or speak on behalf of my employer. All ideas and opinions, unless otherwise stated, are my own. Consult your physician before following random health advice on the internet.

AI Disclaimer

I have no desire or interest in posting anything created through the use of language AI (such as ChatGPT) or image AI (such as Midjourney or Stable Diffusion). Unless explicitly stated as being from an outside source, everything there is my own creation and was made without the use of these tools. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that writing or images that I share are following the same rule. I will do my best to only reference those that do.

Why "Library Phantasmagoria"?

I've always been interested by storage. Books, digital media, boxes, etc. Libraries are building-sized storage filled with various kinds of storage. Phantasmagoria is, according to Wikipedia and a class I took in college, a kind of horror theater commonly associated with the Gothic art movement. I like both theater and the Gothic genre, and the name sounded nice, so I decided to take that as a blog name.

Privacy Policy n Stuff

This site is static HTML and CSS. If there's any JavaScript, it's been added by Cloudflare and I haven't noticed or been able to disable it. I keep no logs besides those that Cloudflare doesn't allow me to turn off.

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Unless otherwise stated, everything here is probably my own. Feel free to share or republish it, but please attribute it to me if you do.